Every Day is a Good Day for Food Prep

Happy Tuesday!

I felt the need to share this with you today because well, we normally will do our grocery shopping and meal prepping on the weekend. What if that doesn’t happen? Well, I know for some it just means living a life of fast food and unhealthy food choices for that week. I mean really, who has time to spend the time in the kitchen portioning food into containers? Will it make that big of a dfference??  YES!!

Here’s 3 quick ways to get motivated to do a FOOD PREP during the week.

1) Thaw out your meat the night before you want to prep or stop at grocery and pick up your food. Having it right there when you open the fridge that next morning will give you the motivation to get it done.

2) Look at how much money you spent eating out the night before. For what it cost you to dine out, you might have spent 1/3 to almost 1/2 of your weekly food budget. Yes, seeing that dip in your bank account can really motivate you to get your booty in the kitchen ASAP.

3) Get new tools, containers and storage items. Storing food in clear glass conatainers is great because you can then SEE the food and know what it is at first glance. If glass is too expensive and well you are in a pinch, I suggest picking up food storage containers that you can WRITE and ERASE on so you can re-use them again and again.

Today for me….it was OPTION #3 and here’s a short video of the new storage containers I picked up at my local grocery ALDI this past weekend.

Where will you find YOUR motivation to get in the kitchen and meal plan this week? Comment below and be sure to follow me on YouTube as I’m always uploading  short videos of food, fitness and how to live your best life!


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