Foodie Tip of the Week: Poached Eggs how to get it perfect every time

This is a food tip that I just discovered today and had to share with you. Have you ever tried to make poached eggs, only to have the egg whites floating everywhere and chasing them with a spoon to scoop them up? Yeah and then afterwards all the WORK that went into that process you remember and when you want a poached egg it just seems like so much work for one little egg on your plate. 

Here’s a tool most people have in their kitchens that will help you make poaching eggs a BREEZE….the handled strainer! Yes! So total genius, you need to get a big enough pan (as you can see in this picture below, I used a wok type pan) and boil your water. Once it is boiling you simply put the strainer in the pan and crack the egg into the strainer. 

photo 1After 8 mins I removed the egg with a spoon and plated it up with the sauteed zucchini that you see pictured. Now, I dont know about you but I believe that when you have a poached egg you need to eat toast with it to “soak up” the liquid egg yolk. It gets a little messy but oh so good! Here’s my plated breakfast today and I am happy to report that I will be now making poached egg sandwiches more often knowing this handy trick! Enjoy!

photo 2 (1)What are your favorite sides to eat with eggs? Comment below, I’d love to know how you plate up a healthy breakfast!


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