Losing weight & loving your new small chest

cutebras1A side effect to losing weight for us ladies is also losing a little of that   va va va voom in our chest area. For some, this is a welcome relief and for others its an eye opener that we really cannot choose to “spot reduce” when we are losing weight and inches.

Welcome to the new and improved you and I vividly remember my own realization that I was not as voluptuous as I once was but I also weighed out the benefits and realized that yes, I can still be sexy with a smaller chest. Here are 10 REAL benefits and reasons to SMILE about the new you!

1) Less bouncing and better support. Anyone who has exercised with a large chest knows the pull an pain you feel when you are working out. For me personally I think this is why for so many years I was NOT a runner.
2) You can wear something Low-Cut and not feel scandalous! Strapless or low cut is something that you can sport almost anywhere/anytime and feel confident.
3) Reduces stress on your shoulders and osteoporosis. Little do we consider that a pair of Dcups can weigh between 15 to 23 pounds!
4) No busting out of a button down shirt: yep, no more reason to safety pin those shirts so there’s not a gap!

5) You have better posture/form when you workout. We have a natural tendency to round our shoulders already so with less front weight we
6) Smaller breasts are better for your health— they are keeping you health, your tiny breasts can help you prevent breast cancer. It’s easier to detect any lumps because there are fewer layers to feel through for self exams or getting your annual mammogram.
7) No more back pain–many large breasted women experience back pain and digging straps into your shoulders?? Yeah, that’s not a problem anymore!
8) Cheaper bras, hallelujah! who else has ever experienced sticker shock when going bra shopping? Or what about you find one you like and they only have size A&B cups? Those larger sizes are scarce and some women have to special order them.
9) You can sometimes go braless, footloose and fancy free. It’s not for everyone and not for every occasion of course but there are moments where you can get away with it and it feels amazing. It’s like being a rebel and no one knowing it, it’s definitely a “sexy” feeling.
10) Summer Ready is fast and easy! Hello bikini or bandeau tops–and don’t forget strapless, backless, halters & tube tops—hello cuteness!

Shout Out to all you fellow small breasted friends—summer is almost here, tell me how do you flaunt your stuff? Be Proud!!

IMG_3150Cheers Friends!

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  1. UPAlbion says:

    You did a good job .

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