Never Skip A Monday: Find Your Motivation

challengegroup.neverskipmondayGet up and get moving—you’re body will thank you!

Today starts week 2 of my 21 Day Fix Extreme Journey. Staying on track starts TODAY…the energy and movement you do today will ultimately push you through to accomplish your goals this week. Mondays are great because even if you get off track over the weekend, which I will confess today that I did–you can make it right by jumping back in with both feet today. Here are some of my go-to tips for holding yourself accountable today.

1) Play your funky music!! Yeah. You know you have those songs that move you and for me, this one tops my list! PRESS PLAY now and join me in a dance!


2) Wear your Workout Clothes to bed/Lay them out in morning! Be prepared, it’s that simple. The less time you search around to find what you need to workout in the morning, the more room you’re giving yourself to make excuses. Here’s a simple checklist you can use to get yourself ready–pack yourself a gym bag have it stocked 24/7 and you’ll be at the ready!


3) Set up a Meetup with a Friend to hold yourself accountable! Pick up the phone and call a friend and set the day/time/place to meet up this week. Knowing that they are counting on you to be there, you will make the extra effort to get up and get there!



4) Remember why you started—what are your goals? Do you have a picture you can post inside your room so when you get up you SEE what you want to accomplish? Do you follow a training schedule? Post it and seeing what you need to do will motivate you to get it done.


5) Know that YOU are inspiring others to get healthy and moving too. Sharing your workout with others? Well, you better follow through and why not give them something to help them get moving too! The opposite also works—expand your circle of influence to include others who motivate and inspire you to get moving. For me, it’s checking in on twitter on my phone seeing others posting they are running, already at gym or sweating! With that, let me inspire you with this workout you can do over the next 2 weeks! Ready. Set. GO!

INSPIRE.sampleworkoutHope this has inspired you to NOT SKIP your workout today! Cheers!!




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