New Running Book: Meb for Mortals is a MUST read!

One thing I’ve learned is improving as a runner doesn’t happen overnight……

What it takes to improve is dedication, commitment, physical and mental training and celebrating in the joy of your journey. Im right now preparing for my 4th marathon and got super excited when I was contacted by Runners World to review the newly released book just out THIS WEEK: Meb for Mortals written by 2014 Boston Marathon Winner Meb Kefelgzighi.

Alex Aristei

Disclosure: I received an advanced digital copy of Meb for Mortals by Meb Keflezighi and Scott Douglas through Runner’s World Magazine. No compensation was received and the opinions stated here are my own.

This book is PURE MEB. Each chapter really breaks down Meb from the inside out and the steps he took to becoming a world class runner including his challenges and triumphs.

Chapter 1 Think Like Meb
Chapter 2 Run Like Meb

Chapter 3 Train Like Meb
Chapter 4 Race Like Meb
Chapter 5 Eat Like Meb
Chapter 6 Strengthen Like Meb
Chapter 7 Stretch Like Meb
Chapter 8 Cross Train Like Meb
Chapter 9 Recover Like Meb

I have not had the pleasure of meeting Meb, but after reading this book I feel like I was right there training with him. I mean, it was like he was speaking my language and hitting all the key points that I was concerned about with regards to running like:
“How early do you get up before a race?”
“Do you run when you are sick”
“What do I eat the night before a race?”
“How often should I refuel while running?”
“Pre and Post Run stretching, what are your go-to moves?”

Right away in chapter one, he talked about switching your mindset to one of making “choices” not “sacrifices” when it comes down to training and running races. One simple word change in our vocabulary gives us the feeling we are IN CONTROL. It was humbling to know that even for the elite few like Meb, they have had to deal with not reaching their goals and I was surprised to hear that he even stepped down from doing a race at one point in his career.

The first chapter really sets the tone for the whole book, yet the other chapter that really impressed me was Race Like Meb. As a runner who is at a point where I am pushing myself to advance to a higher level, I felt like Meb was sharing some insider secrets of the elite crew and he even comes right out and says as opposed to recreational runners, the elite aim to truly run hard right from the gun, to start races with a “feeling of all cylinders firing.” Whoa. Wait right there, I usually use my first 2-3 miles as a warm up! No matter where you are in your journey, race day is exhilarating and rewarding and you won’t want to miss reading how he lays out his day and what he does before, during and after a race.

Overall, I must say that I think this book is one that you will want to read and re-read again and again. It has it all, from drills and training guide to meal planning and recovery. We all want to continue running as long as our bodies will allow us to and so taking in account the lessons taught here in this book, one day maybe even a novice runner like me can achieve milestones within my life that are Meb worthy. I’ll never be Meb but in my mind I can train my body to the best it can be at this point in time. Bottom line, Im not getting any younger so no matter what age you are its important to commit to doing the work to counteract what happens to our bodies as we age.

I cannot wait to hear your thoughts after reading Meb’s book! Click this link to purchase your own copy today and don’t forget to pick up a copy of April’s Runners World Magazine which shares an excerpt from his book!

Happy Running Friends!!


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