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3 Tips to Overcome Laziness: My Best Tips!

TRUTH. If you hate starting over, then Stop Quitting!challenge.STOPQUITTING

Monday are great days to set new goals and NEW intentions. Here are 3 tips to use for trying a new class and making your workouts fun! I shared my own experiences in using each of these tips, I’d love to hear if these helped you today!!

1) Just Give it a TRY.  Trying new classes or formats can be intimidating, even if you are a regular group fitness class junkie. Sometimes we put off trying something because of perceptions that we are not at a level high enough to do well, for fear of failure or even social status only triathletes do those classes or that workout will be hard on my knees.  In MY EXPERIENCE…I hear about new classes or I’m invited to a jam session, zumbathon, its all good things! For me my excuse was that classes didn’t fit in my busy schedule. It’s about making that time for yourself friends! It’s about getting off your butt and making it THERE and then be ready to give it your best. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

2) Focus on your RESULTS. We all want to improve, be better than we were yesterday, last week or last year even. It’s easy to fall into same routine of workouts and your body gets in a rhythm. Daily habits and rituals are great, dont get me wrong! It’s up to us to challenge ourselves and our bodies to move in new ways. You will be surprised by the results and how you feel by adding in a workout that you normally do not do. MY EXPERIENCE….I am a cardio junkie! Yep I do zumba 2-4x a week and running floods my body full of endorphins and feel good vibes. I find that I need to make the extra EFFORT to schedule in strength and flexibility workouts or they just don’t happen. If possible you can look for what is commonly called FUSION classes or classes like Yoga Sculpt which promise to deliver more than 1 format in ONE workout.

3) Buddy Up! Call up a girlfriend and make it a date, or if you’re out with friends have them pull out their calendar and right there pull up the schedule of that kickboxing class down the street (thank you technology and smart phones!) and set a day/time to get together to attend a class. The other way I get friends to meet me is I post on social media the day and class I want to attend and see if anyone else is available– so try tweeting it or sharing it on facebook. When you have something planned with a friend, you are less likely to skip that workout! MY EXPERIENCE….hanging out with friends post run or workouts we like to chit chat about our week ahead and what we will be doing for fitness. For instance, one week post-run a friend handed me a FREE 2 week pass to core power yoga studio and begged me to attend the 9am yoga sculpt class with her that day. It was something I had wanted to try so I jumped and said I’d make it happen. Went home, made kiddos breakfast. Rinsed off from my run, grabbed a mat, water bottle and towel and made it to that session on time!

So today, drop your excuses and this month make a conscious effort to get out there and try a new class, take your bike on a new trail or lace up and run a trail instead of the track.

Keep pushing your body, you may surprise yourself and find that you can do much more than you think you can!

I believe in you!


Black Friday Sale & FREE Post Thanksgiving Day Plan

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT…….Super excited about this and had to make sure you didn’t miss out on some Major Savings! Image-1

If you have had some thoughts about joining one of my challenge groups, now is the time to jump in and get one of the amazing workouts that are going on SALE today at a savings of 50-70% off! Set your alarm so you can order right away because these programs WILL SELL OUT. It will go live at 5PM PST and you just need to click on this link here to order through me (if you already have a Team Beachbody Coach then reach out to them, if not I’d love to be your source and support for starting a program this holiday season): https://www.TeamBeachbody.com/Shop/HolidaySpecials?referringRepId=114107

Here is the list of ALL the Deals that you can take advantage of while supplies last!blackfridayCHARTcustomers

Post Thanksgiving, starting December 1st– I am excited to welcome you to join a FB Support group put together by my team to help YOU in debloating and back on track!postthanksgivingdetox14

It will help you get on track and boost your energy and immune system to stay healthy throughout the Holiday Season! We will bre doing a meal plan, suggested workout and daily accountability. If you have a facebook account and want to participate, send email to jennvoss@sbcglobal.net Today!

I want to wish you a Happy & Healthy Holiday season!! If there is anything I can do to help you live your best life please reach out! I’m thankful for you!!



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