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My Top 3 Recipes for Shakeology!

Do you have any friends you consider to eat HEALTHY or that you know follow a healthy eating lifestyle? Have you ever paid close attention that they generally tend to eat a lot of the SAME foods? Well, the same can be said when it comes to smoothies. I do love to switch up and experiment with my meals, but the main ingredients tend to stay the same: lean protein, no dairy, lower carbs and lots of vegetables & fruits.

One of my friends asked me over the weekend, what are your TOP 3 recipes for shakeology so I thought others might be interested to know too.

Recipe #1 PB & Banana 


Recipe #2 Snickerdoodle


Recipe #3 Strawberry Pina Colada

shakeology.strawberrypinacoladaI always have to have an “On The Go” option for my favorite shakes—it is the BEST way I’ve found that I can refuel quickly after working out away from home. It is also a good choice for me to substitute as a meal if I have an early evening class, but do not have time to eat before—no one likes to do cardio on a full stomach so having a liquid meal can give you energy and digests quicker so you don’t feel bloated. Finally, as a busy mom I look forward to my daily treat of shakeology—my family indulges in ice cream and me I blend up my own and serve in a fancy glass even to make it feel THAT more special!


What recipes do you favor for smoothies/shakes? What meal do you usually substitute a shake?




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