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Eat Your Way Thin: FIVE foods that can JUMP START your weight loss

IMG_0532It’s Monday, time to get back on track or is it time to BEGIN? No matter, you are not alone because weekends are typically NOT when people decide to start a new fitness or nutrition program. In fact, weekends are where most people fall off the wagon, lose their way and give themselves permission to do so. So today I thought I’d share FIVE foods that can Jump Start your weight loss this week and when you see that scale going down, chances are you are more likely to continue your healthy habits!

1) Eat an APPLE! Apples are about 85% water and contain anti-inflammatory properties, they’ve also been shown to boost performance and energy.

2) Add Flax Seeds to your Foods! Studies have found that the Omega-3’s in flax seeds can help with FAT Loss.

3) Eat Fiber-Rich Foods: Oatmeal! Oats/Oatmeal is a good choice because it is low in sugar and high in fiber. It’s easy to freshen up as a meal or snack: Simply add in fresh berries, nuts and your choice of milk and you’ll stay full!

4) Coconut Oil, or other Healthy Fats! The secret to cooking to feel full and satisfied is to cook with healthy fats. Coconut oil is a great choice because it is also loaded up with lauric acid which may also help increase your metabolic rate.

5) Drink Coffee upon waking up! You knew I had to include this staple that I cannot live without. Coffee revs your metabolism to help you burn more calories. Studies show coffee is also an effective appetite suppressant and helps with Energy & Performance. Shhh….In my book, coffee is a superfood! Of course, coffee has caffeine that is a diuretic so try to drink at LEAST 1 cup of water with every cup of coffee you consume during the day.


Foodie Tip of the Week: Poached Eggs how to get it perfect every time

This is a food tip that I just discovered today and had to share with you. Have you ever tried to make poached eggs, only to have the egg whites floating everywhere and chasing them with a spoon to scoop them up? Yeah and then afterwards all the WORK that went into that process you remember and when you want a poached egg it just seems like so much work for one little egg on your plate. 

Here’s a tool most people have in their kitchens that will help you make poaching eggs a BREEZE….the handled strainer! Yes! So total genius, you need to get a big enough pan (as you can see in this picture below, I used a wok type pan) and boil your water. Once it is boiling you simply put the strainer in the pan and crack the egg into the strainer. 

photo 1After 8 mins I removed the egg with a spoon and plated it up with the sauteed zucchini that you see pictured. Now, I dont know about you but I believe that when you have a poached egg you need to eat toast with it to “soak up” the liquid egg yolk. It gets a little messy but oh so good! Here’s my plated breakfast today and I am happy to report that I will be now making poached egg sandwiches more often knowing this handy trick! Enjoy!

photo 2 (1)What are your favorite sides to eat with eggs? Comment below, I’d love to know how you plate up a healthy breakfast!



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