Workout Wednesday & Weeknight Cooking

Wednesday is hump day, the day where you are either deciding to begin digging in or you are buckling down and pushing harder from here until the weekend.  For me, I started the week STRONG. I just woke up Monday and decided that no matter what I was going to finish the final TWO weeks of 22 minute hard corps–committing to doing my scheduled workouts.  It felt good to declare that to myself, but not going to lie that with my fitness teaching schedule there are days that its a real challenge to fit them in.

Today’s workout was Resistance 1 to really push myself I grabbed 10 pound weights and used them for all the exercises today! So I feel that I’m in relatively good shape, but honestly I think this far into the program I am getting stronger and I can feel that my range of motion on the exercises is increasing too. This week my main focus is to stay on tempo with the reps in each workout too.

Want to challenge yourself? Here are 2 moves from my workout today that you can add on for a bonus to your workout today! My challenge to you is to count how many reps you can get done in 60 seconds!

Squat with OH Press: Feet hip distant apart, drop your hips back and dont let knees go past your toes. Weights on shoulders, palm facing in. Squat down, weights on shoulder and when you stand up press your hands overhead, keeping palms in and not locking out your elbows, keep your arms close to your ears.

Sit Up with Cross Punch: Lay on back on floor, knees bent and feet flat on floor. Lift shoulders just off floor keeping them up punch your fists Right/Left then lower down for one rep.

NOW…..lets talk DINNER.


My new favorite dinner in a hurry option is picking up a $5.00 rotisserie chicken from the store. It allows me to toss together a balanced meal for my family and usually I have some leftovers for a chicken salad for me for lunch the next day AND I cook off the bones in a large pot with water for home made chicken broth. While at the store, be seure to either pick up some fresh salad or produce like broccoli or green beans to steam and serve as a healthy side.

Im always looking for people who are ready to switch up their workouts. Tell me more about where you are struggling—are you having a hard time meal planning, not eating as healthy as you think you should? What about you workouts, are you seeing and getting the physical results you want to see after doing your workouts? Let me know, I can help—I have fitness accountability groups that begin monthly so comment below or email me for details on how to join my next group!

Happy Wednesday–keep pushing!!


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